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Welcome to Staybourne Cocker Spaniels. We have been involved with the breed since 2004, and have had many beautiful dogs over the years to share our life with. We currently have four Cocker Spaniels, two girls, and two boys. We live in rural Buckinghamshire, and show our dogs all over the country. 

Is a Cocker Spaniel the right dog for you?

Cocker Spaniels make wonderful family pets, as they are generally very sociable, happy, friendly and affectionate. They are intelligent and can be quite strong willed so need consistent, positive based training from the start. We are members of The Cocker Spaniel Club, and we recommend you read their FAQ’s about the breed to make sure a Cocker Spaniel is they right type of dog for your lifestlye.

If you have decided that a Cocker Spaniel is the right choice for your family, please get in touch with us. We are a small breeder and only have on average one litter a year, so you may have to wait several months for one of our puppies. However, we keep a waiting list, and we also know a lot of other good quality reputable Cocker breeders and can put you in touch with them if our waiting lists are full.

Please review the feedback below from some of our puppy owners.

We wanted a dog we could show, and our puppy Bentley has had a great start in the show ring. We were made to feel very welcome when we visited Staybourne, and we visited our new puppy several times before bringing him home.

Mr and Mrs Thomson, Newbury

We got our new puppy Mabel from Staybourne in March 2018. They have been fantastic support to us, especially over the first few weeks and months after bringing our pup home. She has a really sweet natured temperament and has fitted into our family so well. Thank you Staybourne.

Mrs Walker, High Wycombe